About Cosi Bed Sheets

gots-logoCOSI is a fitted bed sheet that has a sleep shirt attached to it. It is made of 100% organic Jersey cotton and very well known and used for generations of babies in Switzerland! A great alternative to the sleeping bag!

Once your baby is zipped in your baby can sleep, sit up, turn and twist, but cannot fall or roll out. It’s great for traveling too. Bring it where ever you go and your baby will have a familiar bed to sleep in.


Cosi Bed Sheet Advantages

  • Helps babies to have a quieter and more restful sleep!
  • For babies from 4 months up to age 3!
  • Babies always stay covered!
  • No climbing, rolling or falling out of bed!
  • Maximum of freedom to move!
  • Easy transition from baby cot to single bed!
  • Great for travelling too!

“I used COSI bed sheet for both of my kids from 6 months of age until 2 to 3 years old. I loved it! The kids were always covered and liked it, too.”

5-starsDiana, Switzerland

10% of Cosi Bed Sheet profits supports sustainable development projects in India.

“We used COSI bed sheet for all 3 of our kids and loved it very much. For our son we only used it in the big bed, for the girls we already used it in the baby cot. Now the sheets are used by my sister-in-law.”


Corinne, Switzerland

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