COSI bed sheet – The matchless baby sleeping bag and fitted bed sheet ALL IN ONE for babies from 4 months and toddlers up to 3 years:

“Restful nights and sweet dreams!”

The-FamilyCOSI bed sheets have been very popular and virtually omnipresent in the bedrooms of Swiss children for decades. Hardly anyone does not know about this fabulous alternative to the baby sleeping bag.  With its many advantages, COSI outshines and out performs any ordinary baby’s sleeping covers! Every parent is familiar with the nightly activities of the little ones. They kick the sheets off, they get entangled in the sheets, climb out of bed in the middle of the night or, if they sleep with the parents, they keep kicking them or lie sideways and deprive the parents of their good night’s sleep too. It is also a known fact that insufficient sleep wears anyone down in the long run!

COSI bed sheet helps babies to have a more quiet and restful sleep and to stay covered throughout the night. COSI is not meant to tie up or restrain a baby in bed at all!

The habit of babies sleeping in a COSI bed sheet has proven to make „restful nights and sweet dreams“ possible, besides multiple other advantages:

  • COSI bed sheets prevent your baby from slipping under the sheets or from kicking the sheets off during sleep
  • There is no danger of getting entangled as with loose sheets
  • COSI bed sheets offer maximum mobility
  • COSI bed sheets protect your baby from falling out of the bed and prevent
    them from climbing out on his/her own
  • COSI bed sheet encourages your baby to sleep on the back! Sleeping on the stomach is possible too.
  • COSI bed sheets are great for co-sleeping on the parents’ bed
  • COSI bed sheets are easy to fit by just stretching them over the mattress
  • A convenient two-way-zipper allows for easy diaper changing while in bed
  • COSI bed sheets can be used in a baby’s cot as well as on a toddler’s bed
  • COSI bed sheets are suitable for toddlers up to 3 years old
  • COSI bed sheets are ideal for traveling and staying at hotels or in motor homes

It is best to get your baby used to COSI bed sheets between the age of 4 – 8 months. Then, when your baby starts rolling or climbing out of bed the COSI sheet comes in real handy. The COSI bed sheet prevents your baby or toddler from falling out of bed and possible consequential injuries.

Our story:

As a family with three children, we have used COSI bed sheets for 10 years. Each of our children loved it and slept in the bed sheet from 4 months old up to around 3 years of age. The children felt comfortable, safe and cozy.

We left our home country Switzerland as a couple many years ago. When starting our own family we were looking everywhere for this kind of bed sheet as we were convinced, this was the best way to put our children to sleep. Unfortunately, we did not find it anywhere else than in Switzerland. So, we brought it along with us where ever we lived. We travel and move a lot and the bed sheet was always a big help everywhere. Throughout our travels,  I met many other Moms all over the world who became curious and interested, and encouraged me to share the great advantages of COSI bed sheets with them. Now, as our children have outgrown the need for the COSI bed sheet, I am happy to share our positive experience with you.

It does not matter whether your baby sleeps in his/her own bed or in their parents’ bed as COSI bed sheets are available for all mattress sizes!cosibedcosibed-about


COSI bed sheets are made from 100% organic Jersey-Cotton. The material is very comfortable, stretchable, breathable and easily washable. In the tropics the COSI bed sheet replaces the need for wearing pajamas. If the baby feels warm, the two-way-zipper allows you to open the lower portion of the sheet and leave the legs uncovered.


Does the baby sleep in a toddler or single bed, Mom has always room enough to lay next to her baby. Breast-feeding during the night in baby’s bed can really calm down the night as the baby does not need to be moved out of the bed.

Two-way zip:

The practical two-way-zipper allows for ease in diaper changing at night without fully waking up the baby. The baby stays in the bed and can continue sleeping right away.


Children need rituals, in particular when it is time to go to sleep. Getting comfortable in one’s COSI sheet is part of this ritual. Your baby quickly learns that the day is over and that it is time to sleep when the mother or father zips him/her up.

Even if you do not sleep beside your baby, you can rest assured that your child will not climb or fall out of bed while asleep. This is especially important when the child has his daytime nap on the big bed. If the baby wakes up and wants to get out of bed he/she will call for a parent!


COSI bed sheets are easily folded and packed into your luggage to go along on your travels. They are light, do not take much space and baby can sleep on the hotel bed in his/her own sheet. The COSI bed sheet fits any additional bed in hotels.

Naturally the day will come when your toddler can get out of the sheets on his/her own. From approximately 2 years of age toddlers are able to open the zip. Many children love to sleep in their sheets as long as there is enough space. They will then go in and out on their own, opening and closing the zipper on their own too. The greatest advantage in comparison with ordinary baby sleeping sacks is that COSI sheets can be used for a lot longer period of time.

While babies quickly outgrow normal baby sleeping covers – they grow into their COSI sheets!


Cosi bed sheet is a safe choice, although some rules have to be followed:

The bed sheet has to be installed according to the instructions included. No changes or manipulations are made to the bed sheet.

The COSI sheet size must fit the mattress. Use a firm mattress.

When zipped ensure that the child has enough space at the neck to move.

Information regarding age must be taken into account.

COSI bed sheet is not a babysitter and does not replace the care of the sleeping child!

Think further, try it and henceforth enjoy your very own COSI bed sheet! Sweet dreams to everyone!