Babies can cosy up…with COSI bed sheet!

Babies can cosy up…with COSI bed sheet!

Babies can cosy up…with COSI bed sheet!

You don’t want them to get too hot but you also don’t want them getting cold. You don’t want them to slip underneath the covers which could be potentially hazardous but leaving the covers off will mean they get cold. They wouldn’t settle in their own bed so you bring them in with you, but what do you do about the duvet or covers for them to make sure that the co-sleeping is as safe as possible? I worried and I stumbled and I managed, but hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it?! There, standing smack bang in the middle of my hindsight is COSI BED SHEET and oh now I wish I had made the discovery before…


From next to the incubator the lovely nurse showed me how to delicately move around the wires so that  I would be able to wash and change my baby and then after how to snuggle the blankets up around her, tucking her hands down so that the only part of her that was visible was her tiny little hat covered head. For the two weeks we were in hospital I copied what they had shown me despite signs of a fiercely independent daughter already who did in fact not want her hands tucked in at all! When we got home, I went for the swaddle method as Alyssa was and still is quite a jumpy baby and would jump herself awake if her hands were free… however, no matter how much I wrapped and tucked in, something would always find it’s way out of the blanket whether it be a hand, foot or even just a finger! I suppose this was my little darlings way of letting me know who was really in charge at the end of the day – she still is just so you know!

baby-foot-847826_960_720-300x200So there we were happily stumbling along and then came the moment when she obviously became too big for swaddling and also needed to move from her cocoon mattress over to her cot which went surprisingly well and my little one enjoyed her new found space. The only problem I did have was getting her to stay under her covers! As per the instructions of the nurse in the hospital, I resorted back to some of the new born techniques.  I made sure that she was all the way down to the bottom of the cot and couldn’t slip down any further and then tucked her in… though I did let her keep her arms out at this point and of course had her on her back too. However, it didn’t matter what I did, when she woke either in the night or in the morning, she would be up the other end of the cot away from her covers. I always used to check her before I went to bed and gently moved and re-covered her and eventually just added some socks and an extra layer to her nightwear in the winter to ensure she stayed warm enough!

Sleeping_baby_in_crib-300x200I was sure I wasn;t the only mum to experience this and I was right – after speaking to several mums we all experienced it and none of us could come up with a very good solution – it was just one of those things you have to live with and to be fair it could have been worse. Now, as I said, hindsight is a wonderful thing and in the past few weeks, hindsight has some along and hit me smack in the face in the form of the COSI BED SHEET! Oh how I wish I had known about this not only for when Alyssa moved to her cot but also for the few times I nervously gave in and let her sleep in with me (of course I would welcome her sleeping with me now if it would mean sleep but Miss Independent likes her “own space” lol!!)

So what is the COSI BED SHEET I hear you say, well let me explain… The COSI BED SHEET is a  baby sleeping bag with a huge difference and many advantages! It is a fitted bed sheet that has a sleep shirt attached to it. It is 100% organic cotton and very well known and has been used for generations of babies in Switzerland! A great alternative to the sleeping bag! Once your baby is zipped in your baby can sleep, sit up, turn and twist, but cannot fall or roll out. It’s great for traveling too. Bring it where ever you go and your baby will have a familiar bed to sleep in. Basically, this means that no matter how much your baby moves around, they will always have a cover on them and these last a lot longer than gro-bags as well as children can use these from 5 months old all the way up to 3 years old which means that the COSI BED SHEET can also be used when your children move into their first real bed and will prevent them from falling out of bed! What I found incredible, was that this has been used for years and years and generations and generations in Switzerland and yet I knew absolutely nothing about it?!?!

bed-sheetNow, they are really easy to install, as you just put an under-sheet on, then put the COSI BED SHEET on and there is a safety strap that goes under the mattress and is pulled and fastened to ensure that the sheet fits the bed perfectly… and that is it!! If you want to see it in action you can click here to head over to YouTube and watch the “installation” process yourself! They are available in baby cot, kids bed, single bed, queen and king size so you can literally use them on any bed you like whether you co-sleep or not!

You are probably thinking, well Alyssa is only 1 years old, so why don’t you start using it now?!? Well, I would love to, however the advice of COSI BED SHEET is that children begin using it for the first time between the ages of 5-8 months only. This is because it will become normal for them and it will be seen as a comforting thing. Any older and babies and children have progressed in development too much and may get upset about sudden change in the way in which they are covered and see it as restrictive which is not the idea of this sleeping technique.

il_570xN.889554742_mv75-200x300However, for those at the right stage of development these are perfect as they allow maximum mobility whilst keeping your baby covered and snuggly. There is a two-way zip system which makes changing your baby nice and easy and of course because it is technically a bed sheet, it can be taken anywhere, including on holiday, allowing your baby to sleep in comfort as if they were at home – BONUS!

I have to say they look amazing and if I am ever fortunate to have another baby, I will definitely be heading over to COSI BED SHEET and snapping one of these up for my little one – with a little voice at my side asking why she never had one probably!!


If you would like to get your hands on a COSI BED SHEET for your little one you can use the code ‘COSISTAR‘ which offers a FREE ordinary fitted bed sheet in the available colours (green, orange, turquoise, white) for a baby cot or kids bed mattress when purchasing a COSI BED SHEET!