Sharing a great idea – COSI bed sheet!

Sharing a great idea – COSI bed sheet!

Sharing a great idea – COSI bed sheet!


Living on different continen_DSC8123_2128x1416ts, in exotic countries and cultures, the probably most valuable fact I learn is that there are a million different ways to do things and solve every day problems: for instance the wonderful role of a confinement lady after the birth of a new baby or how to boost breast milk with the right diet in Asia to how to queue up properly at the bus stop in Canada or to fix a water pipe, treat wounds, and cook traditional meals in Africa…

Over the last 15 years I learned to improvise a lot, becoming more innovative and creative in solving everyday problems just by observing other cultures.

How these little and sometimes big challenges get solved in different societies impresses me over and over again.

Sharing simply great ideas over the borders and cultures can benefit all of us!

If we only knew about them, it would make all our lives easier!

COSI bed sheet is the ingenious idea I want to share with you:  

Letting you know about COSI bed sheet is my contribution for sharilittle princeng a great idea over the border! What my three kids loved so much for almost 10 years will help other babies and toddlers to have an equal restful, cozy and secure night sleep too.

Not only did I grow up myself in this baby blanket more than 40 years ago, but although many generations of Swiss babies from then till now make COSI bed sheet to the better alternative to any sleeping bag.

Because babies love it so much, many families chose to switch from using a baby blanket to a COSI bed sheet.

This choice allows families to skip the purchase of a baby cot what saves them money too. Because COSI bed sheets are made for all mattress sizes from 100% organic cotton, babies as young as 5 months old can sleep in a toddler bed or single bed.

For our family this sleeping technique was such a big help as Dad or I could lay next to our babies, reading a story, breastfeeding and letting them fall asleep right where they were. No more carrying or moving around and waking up again!

Our entire family was so grateful for this baby bed sheet!

Since our babies loved it so much, we loved it too!

And who knows may be your baby will love it as well!

There are such great ideas out there that make life easier and need to be shared! I am convinced COSI bed sheet is one of them!

If you like to be part of sharing this great idea, you are welcome to join our team of brand ambassadors. Sign up on and receive further information! We are happy to welcome you too!