Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ideal moment to introduce my baby to COSI bed sheet?

COSI is a perfect continuation for babies who are already used to the swaddle technic but it also works very well for babies who do not know the swaddling. Ideally the good timing will be around 4 to 6 months of age, just before they start to roll over. We recommend to try COSI first during the day time nap.

COSI bed sheets allow the baby to have a more quiet sleep and stay always covered.

2. Why is COSI better than the sleeping bag?

First and foremost, if used properly, the COSI bed sheet can safely be used from 4 months of age up to 3 years. Babies naturally love being swaddled into the bed sheet; and as a result, they sleep more soundly. With the COSI bed sheet, your baby will always stay covered. And parents can rest easy, knowing that their baby cannot climb out or fall out of the bed. Even when co-sleeping in the parents’ bed, babies are comfortable, and they will not turn, kick, or push the parents off their bed.

COSI becomes an important part of ‘going-to-bed-ritual’.

3. Can my child move and turn in the COSI bed sheet?

Naturally, turning over is limited as COSI bed sheets are specifically used to avoid children from rolling and falling off the bed. However, the COSI bed sheet allows babies and toddlers maximum freedom of movement.

4. What if my child is a belly sleeper?

It is no problem for the baby to sleep on its belly as they sometimes flip over and continue their sleep on the belly.

5. Can my child be tangled up with the bed sheet?

The COSI bed sheet is attached on all four corners and both sides of the mattress, which keeps the bed sheet in place.

6. Can my baby sleep in a single bed without falling off the bed?

Yes, many parents use the single bed for their babies once they grow out of the bassinet. This may be at the age of around 4 months. Using a single bed has the advantage that either parent can lay next to the baby if they wish to. A crib is not needed. Depending on the child’s temperament we suggest to install a removable sidebar to make sure the child is not hanging over the edge of the bed while sleeping.

7. What size COSI bed sheet do you recommend when we are travelling?

The COSI bed sheet for queen size mattress is recommended as it will fit on most hotel beds, even if the mattresses are thick or thin. Remember, just like at home, it is imperative you attach the COSI bed sheet securely to the mattress using the security band provided.

8. Can I choose the position of the t-shirt on a queen or king size bed sheet?

Of course! The COSI bed sheet can have the t-shirt in the middle, on the left, or on the right. We can customize the position of the t-shirt to fit your needs. Just let us know where you would like the t-shirt located when ordering. You can do this by filling in the box for “Special Requests”.

9. Are there COSI bed sheets for twin babies?

Yes! We can special order COSI bed sheets for your twins. Typically, COSI bed sheets for twins will have two t-shirts on a single size bed sheet. In this configuration, the babies will face each other, one will sleep on the bottom part and the other one on the upper part of the mattress.

10. What if my child does not like COSI bed sheet?

It can happen that your child is not happy with COSI bed sheet. That’s why we recommend to try COSI first during day time naps. You will find out if your child likes it or not after a while. BUT never force a child into COSI bed sheet. COSI is meant to be a happy place to sleep in and never being abused for punishment or babysitting.

11. Is the use of COSI bed sheet safe?

COSI is a safe choice if the user complies with the following safety information:

  • Wash the COSI bed sheet before 1st use! WHY? Because your baby is more familiar to the smell of your washing product, and as a result, will more readily enjoy sleeping in the COSI sheet.
  • It is imperative that the bed sheet needs to fit your mattress well!
  • It is mandatory to use the security belt provided. It needs to be placed under the mattress and be attached on both sides with the clip. Tighten the belt and check regularly! NEVER modify the clips!
  • Make sure the collar leaves enough room for your child to move freely!
  • Replace the COSI bed sheet once it is worn out!
  • Never force a baby to sleep in the COSI bed sheet. COSI bed sheet is meant to be a happy sleeping place and not abused for punishment or babysitting.

12. How long can we use COSI bed sheets?

What will happen is: your toddler will tell you when he or she is ready to sleep without the COSI bed sheet. Usually they like to sleep and use COSI much longer than they would need to just because they love it, they feel cozy and safe. Many toddlers use the bed sheet until 3 years of age, but it can be earlier or later, depending on your child!

13. Do you have special recommendations when we are travelling?

COSI is really great for travelling! It does not take a lot of space and is not heavy to carry. As your child is used to COSI already, it will just feel and smell like at home! We recommend to use a queen size COSI bed sheet for travelling as you do not know what size of mattress you will expect in your hotel or motorhome. With the security belt which you will place under the mattress you can tighten the bed sheets accordingly.

14. Why is the security belt around the mattress important?

Some kids move a lot and the bed sheet could therefore get lose; the belt helps to insure the COSI bed sheet stays tight to the mattress at all times.

15. Can my child slip into the bed sheet?

The COSI bed sheets’ t-shirt is designed just like the top part of a pyjama. Babies should not slip into the bed sheet, just like it would not slip into its own pyjama.

16. Does COSI bed sheet replace the pyjama?

Depending on the climate where you live, the COSI bed sheet could replace the pyjama. The baby will then just sleep in diapers in the COSI bed sheet. However, in colder climates, wearing a pyjama in addition to the COSI bed sheet is very common.

17. Does the fabric used for COSI bed sheet contain any chemicals?

No! Our philosophy is simple; we love our little customers like our own children and want to offer them the best and most comfortable fabric we can find. Therefore, we use only fabrics from organic cotton. That is why the OEKO Tex and/or GOTS (Global organic textile standard) label(s) are very important.

18. Are COSI bed sheets available in other colours and patterns too?

At the moment, we offer only the rainbow coloured t-shirt with the white bed sheet. As soon as possible we will add more colours. Please check the webpage regularly for any new arrivals. And feel free to write to us any suggestions you may have for colours/patterns. We love hearing from our customers!

19. Do you offer the normal fitted bed sheets too?

Yes we do provide normal fitted bed sheets made out of the same 100% organic cotton as our Cosi Bed Sheets.

20. Do I need extra safety bars?

It may be reassuring and is probably a good idea to use a removable safety bar on the bed sides. This is especially true for active children.