Great by tradition!

Great by tradition!

Great by tradition!


Can a product be great by tradition? You might ask yourself this question?

I love listening to Grandma’s stories. And very often I am really impressed about the hands-on ideas they came up with back then. They had many challenges in every day life which we do not even know about anymore. Not that we do not have challenges nowadays anymore but our life is certainly much different compared to our Grandma’s time. I would say in many cases we are lucky to live now. We have a laundry machine and a dish washer! Each time I load them, I am glad that they do their job and I do not have to do it! This means: time for something better = family time!

But there are challenges which are just no different to the ones previous generations had!

How did Mum make sure, that

  • I stayed covered all night?
  • That I did not get tangled up with lose sheets?
  • That I did not fall out of my bed?
  • Or even climbed dangerously over the cot bars in the middle of the night?
  • Or would stumble with my sleeping bag when I wanted to sneak into Mums bed?

Well, I would not share the baby sleeping sheet ‘COSI bed sheet’ with you if I would not be convinced of the fabulous idea to combine a baby sleeping bag and a fitted bed sheet. For sure, just the idea does not prove the safety for our babies which is priority number 1 for all of us parents, always!

Facts are that this sleeping concept is known and popular in Switzerland for 50 years.


Because babies love sleeping in the snug, comfortable, secure sheet! And only because the little ones love it so much, parents chose this sleeping technique over any ordinary sleeping bag.

Parents love to know that once their baby grows to a toddler they do not wonder around at night. Reacting on baby’s crying or calling is the way to go. Safety and comfort for the baby are the most mentioned reasons why parents like this baby sleeping sheet.

The possibility that Mum or Dad can lay next to the baby in a big bed to either breastfeed or read a story book or just to comfort is another great and much appreciated PLUS of COSI bed sheet.

No accidents have been reported which would have been caused by this sleeping sheet. But fortunately accidents could and can actually be prevented when using this sleeping concept.

The Swiss accident prevention office approved the design already decades ago. However, the proper use and following safety advice is vital.

Sometimes it is good to listen to Grandma’s advice and try the ‘old fashioned’ way.

It works and we can proudly say:   It is GREAT BY TRADITION!

I invite you to watch this video  Great by tradition! to learn more about COSI bed sheet.

Sweet dreams!