‘Mom always knows best!’

‘Mom always knows best!’

‘Mom always knows best!’


I am happy to share with you the story of how the idea of ‘COSI bed sheet’ started:

MamiBefore I became a Mom for the first time, countless questions went through my mind: What is best to eat for the healthy development and growth of my unborn baby? Or what equipment would we really need? Stroller, car seat, baby cot, Moses bed, hammock, baby bath? The choices overwhelmed us!

All these thoughts easily were too much for me! But of course I wanted the best for our baby and tried to make the right choices, who does not?!

The only way to get out of this circle of questions and to feel confident for what will be ahead of me as a new Mom was to remember my own growing up. I was a lucky child! I had the best Mom and Dad anybody would wish for!

Knowing that my Mom was a passionate midwife all her life, I certainly could have counted on her advice and experiences! She helped thousands of Moms through the emotional hours and the weeks to come when a new bundle of wonder was born. My Mom knew exactly what would be helpful in this or that challenging situation. If only she would still be alive! I would have had so many questions for her!

But her life plan was another one! It seems her calling was being a midwife– this was her mission in life! She put all her passion and dedication into her work, being a midwife was her life! She retired healthy at 64 years old and died of a very aggressive cancer six weeks after her retirement.
We miss her a lot, every day!Mamis last baby

My Mom was a wonderful, loving person. I am grateful for the time I had with her. I hold on to all the unforgettable memories with her!
She would have had many plans for her retirement. Traveling to Canada was on top of her list and becoming a Grandma a big wish too. Both was not meant to be!

Coincidence or destiny, our first and second baby was born in Canada after my husband and I left Switzerland 15 years ago for an exciting journey through different continents and countries.

The support of my Mom felt almost real always when I needed her the most. Trust helped me through many difficult situations. My childhood souvenirs made me feel confident for the decisions I had to take as a Mom-to-be.

Among all the open questions one thing was always clear for my husband and me: our babies should sleep in this special fitted bed sheet called ZEWI which we brought with us from Switzerland. As soon as our first daughter grew out of the bassinet, at around 5 months old we introduced her to this amazing alternative to any ordinary baby sleeping bag. She never slept in a baby cot and could move right into a toddler bed with this fitted bed sheet for babies.

As far as I can think back, this great invention has been very popular and omnipresent in baby’s bedrooms in Switzerland. Because my Mom used the swaddling bed sheet for me and as I found out later my mother-in-law for her children too, my husband and I were very convinced this baby bed sheet is the right choice for our family too. What else?

What worked well for us, will hopefully have good chances to work well for our babies too. And so it did!

As much as our parents always wanted the very best for us, we try to keep up the good, helpful and proven ideas for our children too.

‘Grandma always knows best’!