What other Mums and Dads tell about…

What other Mums and Dads tell about…

What other Mums and Dads tell about…

That my family and I love COSI bed sheet and made great experiences over many years is no longer a secret! This is why I want to share the idea with you!

But I was wondering what other families have to say about this sleeping technique too.

The survey result among 79 Swiss Mums and Dads of family and friends you can see below!

I do thank at this point to all these Mums and Dads again for sharing their opinion and experience with you and me.

Finding out that my family is clearly not the only fan of COSI bed sheet and its sleeping technique convinced me even more to make COSI bed sheet available for other families in other countries too.

Be assured that all these responses are genuine and sincere!

Take a minute and read through the survey:



NOW – It’s up to you to make your own opinion to give COSI bed sheet a try or not!

My conclusion is unequivocally: COSI bed sheet is great and a very helpful way to put your baby asleep! The numerous advantages come in very handy if parents introduce COSI bed sheet early (between 5 to 8 months old).  Certainly the best alternative to any baby sleeping bag that you might have been searching for a long time.

Babies love the comfortable, cosy, snug, secure feeling when sleeping in a COSI bed sheet. The name speaks for itself!

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Wishing you restful nights and sweet dreams too!