"I used COSI bed sheet for both of my kids from 6 months of age until 2 to 3 years old. I loved it! The kids were always covered and liked it, too. We never had any problems with it .When the kids wanted to come out, they called us. If your child sleeps in a bed without bedrails, this bed sheetsprevent from falling out of the bed as well. We took the sheets everywhere and friends are still using them today. I would choose COSI bed sheet again."

Diana, Switzerland

"There are two big advantages: the baby can not fall out of the bed and is always covered. The bed sheet was especially useful during our holidays when I put my 2 year old up in the bunk bed."

Vroni, Switzerland

"We used COSI bed sheet for all 3 of our kids and loved it very much. For our son we only used it in the big bed, for the girls we already used it in the baby cot. Now the sheets are used by my sister-in-law."

Corinne, Switzerland

"We loved COSI bed sheet very much. First we used it for the baby cot. But I remember that one day Moira found out how the zip works. She opened it, climbed over the bars and came into our bed. The kids were only a few months old when we started to use COSI bed sheet. For our trip to the U.S. we bought a big sheet. Like this, Myrta was save in the motorhome bed."

Maria, Switzerland

"I was a fan of COSI bed sheet. The kids used it from 6 months of age on until about 3 years. For our holiday trips we always took it with us."

Daniela, Switzerland

"COSI bed sheet was great for us. Seraina used it only at 9 months of age. We never had any problems, she always loved to sleep in it."

Judith, Switzerland

"I can only talk from my experiences…we were happy that our kids slept in COSI bed sheet. They were always covered, could not fall out of the bed and still sleep in any position. Another advantage was, that they could not climb out of the bed at any time, which was especially nice on Saturdays and Sundays. We never had the feeling that the kids hated the bed sheet or would be uncomfortable. Sometimes they climbed into the bed sheet themselves and we only had to close the zip. We used COSI bed sheet in the big single bed. And we always took COSI bed sheet on all our holiday trips. Like this the kids felt comfortable even in a strange bed. By the way, the kids always slept on the belly."

Doris, Switzerland

"What’s important: the kid has to get used to COSI bed sheet at latest at 9 months of age, afterwards it will become more difficult…Filipe always felt comfortable, secure. He could turn and twist without any risk. With the time, the bed sheet had big advantages for me too…I did not want him to get up before me and having funny ideas. It helped until he could open the zip. I really can recommend COSI bed sheet. Furthermore I would like to add, that we even used this bed sheet at my work place – a home for elderly people – with success!"

Monica, Switzerland

"We have been using COSI bed sheet for 2 months now (ever since Nevio turned 4 months old). We are enthusiastic about it and recommend it to everyone. Until now we did not have any problems at all. Nevio slept from the first night in COSI bed sheet like he would have never known anything else. What I also like about it, is that he can not turn on to the belly so easily."

Patricia, Switzerland

"We moved both of our kids from the Moses basket directly to the big single bed into COSI bed sheet. Would do it exactly the same way again. The sooner, the better!"

Silvia, Switzerland

"In Switzerland the demand for this bed sheet is big! I think there is no baby who is not sleeping in it. But for some unknown reason, our son did not like it. All other Mums swear on it."

Jeanette, Switzerland

"We used COSI bed sheet for our girls too. They learned how to sleep in the big bed in it. They also tried to fall asleep again on their own, once they woke up too early in the morning, because they could not get out of the bed. AND if they did not want to go to sleep, they could not get out of the bed as easily as the wished to. It was a good solution to transit the kids from the baby cot to the single bed."

Jolanda, Switzerland

"I used COSI bed sheet with our first daughter. She slept in a hammock until 9months old, as well as in our bed too. Later she used a single bed with the COSI bed sheet, but still came a lot to our bed. I made good experience with it until the last 4month of my pregnancy with the second one. (they are just 18m apart) COSI was not the problem, rather the separation. So with the second one I did not use it at all, as we mostly slept all in one bed. Since I heard about the COSI for king size bed, I thought, the best idea ever, would have used it for both kids!"

Fabienne, Swiss living in Kuala Lumpur